Upcoming Gigs



18th September    Take The Biscuit  Ceilidhs on the Move, Clopton, Suffolk            Caller Alison Giles


28th October          Gifford, Brookes   at Loughton Folk Club, London 




June 11th        Take The Biscuit White Horse Ceilidhs, Grove






Past Gigs



22nd February  Take The Biscuit  Meltdown Ceilidhs, Haywards Heath, Caller Alison Rowley




15th March   Gifford, Brookes, with Special Guest Debs Chalmers, Stanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society, Herts


17th April    CANCELLED  Take The BiscuitKnees Up Cecil Sharp, Camden, Caller Harri Barton 





14th September 2019 Take The Biscuit  Wedding, Cambridge with Alison Giles


15th September 2019 Take The Biscuit Stanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society Turns 3 with Barry Goodman


21st September 2019 Take The BiscuitCeilidhs on the Move, Suffolk


5th October 2019 GiffRaff (Beth Gifford and Rob Gifford) Caller Matt Brookes.


11th October 2019 Take The BiscuitCeilidh at the Halls, Caller Mary Panton  Stanley Halls, South Norwood, London






7th January  Gifford, Brookes,   Barry Goodman & Friends, Hitchin Folk Club


21st January Take The Biscuit , Stanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society 


16th February Take The BiscuitStanley Halls, South Norwood with Ian Nicholls


18th March Take The Biscuit,  Stanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society


20th May  Gifford, Brookes supporting  Rattle on the StovepipeStanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society


2nd June 2018 Take The Biscuit, Saffron Walden with Mary Panton


15th September 2018 Take The BiscuitCeilidhs on the Move, Suffolk


16th September 2018  Take The BiscuitStanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society Turns 2 with Sheena Masson! 



14th January      Birmingham Barn Dance

                                       Take The Biscuit



21st January      Meltdown Ceilidhs, Haywards Heath

                                           Take the Biscuit with Lisa Heywood


22nd January   Stanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society 

                                 Take the Biscuit with Lisa Heywood



11th March      Stanley Halls, South Norwood, 

                                  Take the Biscuit Ceilidh with Fee Lock


22nd April          Mr Playford's Winchester Assembly, Guildhall, Winchester

                                  Mrs Savage's Whim with Nigel Close

                            Tickets Available from steve_d_jarvis@hotmail.com


20th May         Ceilidhs on the Move, Clopton, Suffolk

                                  Take the Biscuit


18th June    Stanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society 

                                 Take the Biscuit  Advance Tickets Available 


August 4th- 11th     Sidmouth Folk Week 

                                          Mrs Savage's Whim




1st January 8pm        St Albans

                                Anna Mullens & Beth Gifford

                                Julian Mount, Warp and Weft and Elie Rees

14th January 7.30pm  Loughton Folk Club

                                Anna Mullens & Beth Gifford, Hannah Cumming



6th February              Birmingham Charity Ceilidh

                                Take the Biscuit

                                Harborne Venue  and Start time TBC



19th February            Knees Up Cecil Sharp! Ceilidh, London

                                Take the Biscuit  Callers Gordon & Nancy Potts



5th March                   Red Fox Ceilidhs, Leicester

                                 Take the Biscuit


6th May                     Stortfolk Folk Club, Bishops Stortford

                                 Mullens, Gifford, Brookes


29th June                   Coram Fields Private Event

                                       Take the Biscuit


7th July                        Loughton Folk Club

                                        Gifford, Brookes



18th September         Stanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society

                                         Take the Biscuit


24th September        Music in the Garden - Linda Gifford Open Studio

                                         Gifford Brookes


16th October                SACS in Concert 

                                          Gifford Brookes


20th November          Stanstead Abbotts Ceilidh  Society

                                          Take the Biscuit



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